Leadership Club D.C.O

Club Sponsor:  Carla Harward 

Leadership Club D.C.O. is a high-school club focused on the “business of charity.” Members will obtain hands-on experience running a non-profit business operating a program at Trion City Schools:  Helping Hands Ending Hunger INC.  In addition to learning what a non-profit business is, how a charitable business operates, and taking part in daily business operations of a charity, members will be elected to honorary student advisory committees and will attend board meetings and report to the corporate Directors and Officers of Helping Hands Ending Hunger INC.  Club members will have ongoing real-life business duties and responsibilities, including:  marketing, technology (web design/social media/newsletters), public speaking/promotion of the charity, fundraising, participation in corporate formalities, management, budgeting, business planning, etc.  Club members will learn about corporate formalities, including Robert’s Rules of Order. Selected Club members will also have an opportunity to travel to other schools to train other students how to run the Helping Hands Ending Hungerâ„  Program in their schools.  Community speakers, team building exercises, and field trip rewards will be part of the Club opportunities. Ultimately, it is the Club’s goal to give members soft skills and business experiences so that they will not only stand out, but excel, as they pursue their college educations and professional careers.