Junior Course List for FY22


American Literature
Honors American Literature
AP Literature and Composition                             (Prerequisite American Literature and Composition)
Dual Enrollment ENG 1101 through GNTC
Dual Enrollment ENG 1102 through GNTC(Prerequisite ENG 1101)
Dual Enrollment ENG 2130 (American Literature) through GNTC (Prerequisite ENG 1102)


GSE Algebra II
GSE Algebra II Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors                                   (Prerequisite Algebra II)
DE Math 1111 (College Algebra) through GNTC     (Prerequisite GSE Algebra II)
Dual Enrollment MATH 1113 (Pre-Calculus) through GNTC(Prerequisite MATH 1111) *Is there a way to have them sign up for both courses?


Honors Chemistry
Environmental Science
AP Biology                                      (Prerequisite Chemistry)
Anatomy                                         (Prerequisite Chemistry)
Physics                                             (Prerequisite Chemistry)
Dual Enrollment Medical Terminology     (Prerequisite Chemistry) 

Social Studies

American Government
Dual enrollment American Government 


AP World History
DE Introduction to Computers 
DE Intro to Mechatronics        
DE AC Theory, Electric Motors, Hydraulics         (Prerequisite Intro to Mechatronics)  
DE Elective
Dual Enrollment Spanish through GA Highlands   (Prerequisite Spanish I and II and must meet GA Highlands enrollment requirements)
Dual Enrollment US History
Art I                    
Art II (Prerequisite Art I)                               
Art III  (Prerequisite Art II)
Band III
Journalism III
Introduction to Business and Technology
Business and Technology                                         (Prerequisite Intro to Business and Technology)
Business Communication and Presentation    (Pre-requisite Business and Technology)
Foundations of Engineering and Technology
Engineering Concepts                            (Prerequisite Foundations of Engineering)
Engineering Applications                         (Prerequisite Engineering Concepts)
Occupational Safety
Introduction to Construction                                  (Prerequisite Occupational Safety)
Carpentry I              (Prerequisite Intro to Construction for all Level classes)
Food, Nutrition, and Wellness        
Early Childhood Practicum      (Prerequisite Early Childhood Education II)                
Work Based Learning I                       
Work Based Learning II
Spanish I                          
Spanish II           (Prerequisite Spanish I)
SAT Prep
Weight Training                      
Recreational Games