Sophomore Courses for FY22


10th Grade Literature
Honors American Literature                                   (Prerequisite 10th Grade Literature)  

GSE Algebra II Honors                                (Prerequisite GSE Geometry)  
GSE Geometry
GSE Geometry Honors

Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry                                                       (Prerequisite Biology)                                            
Social Studies
United States History
AP United States History


Art I
Art II                                                                              (Prerequisite Art I)
Band II
Journalism II
Introduction to Business and Technology
Business and Technology                                         (Prerequisite Introduction to Business and Technology)
Foundations of Engineering and Technology
Engineering Concepts                                               (Prerequisite Foundations of Engineering and Technology)
Occupational Safety
Introduction to Construction                                  (Prerequisite Occupational Safety)                  
Examining the Teaching Profession
Contemporary Issues in Education  (Prerequisite Teaching As A Profession)
Spanish I
Spanish II                                                                      (Prerequisite Spanish I)
Weight Training
Recreational Games